Free jQuery Training Videos

There are various jQuery conferences that happen throughout the United States and they typically publish videos of the presentations. As developers it is often not possible to attend the conferences for one reason or another. However, we would love to watch the presentations on demand. The jQuery Conferences typically publish their videos and I will try to make sure I publish the resources. If you were not able to attend the recent jQuery Conference in Boston, you can get some free jQuery training by watching the videos. Videos you can watch include:
  • A Crash Course in JavaScript Application Testing with FuncUnit
  • Beyond the DOM: Functionality-Focused Code Organization
  • Building Distributed JavaScript Widgets with jQuery
  • Building Extensible Widgets
  • Getting Involved
  • Inaugural State of HTML5
  • Introduction to jQuery UI
  • Keynote - jQuery Core & jQuery Mobile
  • Keynote - jQuery UI
  • Mobile UI
  • Mobile Web Applications with jQuery
  • Moving to jQuery
  • OOCSS for JavaScript Pirates
  • Rapid testing, rapid development - Increase your development speed by reducing your feedback loops
  • Super Awesome Interactions with jQuery
  • TDD your jQuery Plugins
  • Theming jQuery UI like an Aristocrat
  • Using templates to achieve awesomer architechture
  • jQuery Effects: Beyond the basics
  • jQuery Team Panel Discussion
  • jQuery UI and HTML5 Video Play Nice
  • jQuery in the [Aol.] Enterprise
  • jQuery's Best Friends
Check out the free jQuery training here.